The Nicoya Peninsula, the northwest region of Guanacaste that includes Nosara is highlighted in the New York Times best-selling non-fiction book
The Blue Zones for the unique longevity of its long-time residents.  An international survey on World Happiness ranked Costa Rica 3rd, compared to the U.S. at 150.
If that’s not enough, Blue Zones reports that Nicoya’s relatively dry microclimate produces fewer infectious diseases and more hours of daily sunlight (important for maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D) than Costa Rica’s more humid interior.  Happiness, spirituality, diet and hard work are major factors here in the region’s population. These are lessons for everyone, although the beach life here is full of its own unique temptations!
Nosara is located in Costa Rica's beautiful Guanacaste province, in the Nicoya Peninsula, approximately 100 miles west of San Jose, on the coastal road that connects Tamarindo to Samara. This area is famous for its clear skies and phenomenal weather.  Constant sea breezes cool the landscape, and legendary sunsets will enchant you. A little bit farther than other, more developed, Costa Rican's coastal towns, Nosara's pristine beauty will capture you the moment you arrive and reward your extra effort with its incomparable magic. 
The town of Nosara is inland from the beach area about 3 miles. Here you will find well stocked markets with local vegetables & fruits, local inexpensive restaurants & bars, a disco on Saturday night, one of the best libraries in Costa Rica, the Post Office, EBAIS medical clinic, gift & clothing shops, hair dressers, fereterias (hardware stores), and the bus station. The regional airport here has daily flights to San José, a 45 minute flight.  Nature Air also flies into Liberia. The soccer field (futbol) is a favorite place for the locals, especially during the big tournament games.  There are many fine inexpensive homes & property in and around Nosara.  There are also parcels of beautiful ocean view acreage and luxury estates hidden in the hills for those seeking "to get away from it all"!
The Beaches of Nosara is a relaxed but upscale seaside town where most of the expat community lives.  Here you will find winding jungle roads with small businesses and fresh air restaurants tucked into the trees.

Playa Guiones is a 6 km stretch of white sand beach which has received Costa Rica's Blue Flag of Ecology, an award indicating that the beach is clean and pristine. The first 200 meters of shoreline, the maritime zone,  is protected as  a wildlife reserve. Guiones Beach is popular with surfers of all skill levels, because it has consistent breaks and is uncrowded. Most of the commercial properties and tourism businesses at the Playa Nosara are found along this beach.

Playa Pelada is a white beach a short walk to the north of us. Along the beach you will find many rocky outcrops, where you can stand in the sea spray. At the north end of Pelada Beach, you will find a large rock outcrop that has a hollowed out area - you can get to it at low tide to listen to the echoing of the sea.

Playa Nosara is on the north side of the river mouth. Surfing at this beach is good, but the only way to get there is to walk across the river mouth during low tide. The Nosara and Montana Rivers converge at the estuary here. This is one of the few navigable waterways in Guanacaste Province which flows year-round. 

Playa Ostional is still further to the north, about a 20 minute drive. It is a protected nesting site for the Olive Ridley Sea turtle. Surfers enjoy Playa Ostional because it has good waves and is relatively deserted and natural. The terrain behind the 200m protected zone rises quickly into coastal hills, providing many farms for sale with beautiful ocean views, still within walking distance to the beach.

Garza Bay is about 20 minutes south of Guiones beach. The quiet blue waters of this bay are rimmed by a beautiful white sand beach and steep forested hillsides. Some commercial business properties are still available, and Garza Beach is not part of the protected zone. There is land for sale that is titled to the 50m line.  Playa Garza is a beautiful white beach whose protected cove enables the local sportfishing fleet to harbor here.
Our Weather
We have little or no rain during High-Season,  December through April. As it is hotter and drier this part of the year, it is considered our summer. Average temperatures are in the upper 80s.

Off-season or Green Season, temperatures average in the low 80s. The Ticos call this invierno (winter season). September and October are quite wet, the two months of the year in which we receive heavy rains. The remainder of the year we have cool, short afternoon rains. May through August is the time of rapid growth of the lush, fertile jungle and tropical forests.

At the change of the seasons, the famous Guanacaste winds can last for several weeks. High in the hills over the river valley, the winds can gust quite strongly, but the Guanacaste winds are much milder in Nosara than they are to the north, such as in Tamarindo or the Gulf of Papagayo.

What to Bring
Long ago, the town motto became: NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NOSARA
So, perhaps all you really need to bring is a toothbrush and a towel.
Pura Vida!
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Current real estate listings for Nosara,Costa RicaCurrent real estate listings for Nosara,Costa Rica
Current real estate listings for Nosara,Costa RicaCurrent real estate listings for Nosara,Costa RicaCurrent real estate listings for Nosara,Costa Rica
Current real estate listings for Nosara,Costa RicaCurrent real estate listings for Nosara,Costa Rica

Playas de Nosara
Peninsula de Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
hiqui's Nosara Property Sales
Chiqui's Nosara Property Sales
Chiqui's Nosara Property SalesChiqui's Nosara Property SalesChiqui's Nosara Property Sales
Chiqui's Nosara Property Sales
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